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Wismen Adak Company has moved to complete the supply chain, and with the advancement of technical knowledge, it succeeded with taking a deep look and appropriate prospects into international arenas and providing the unique product with the best quality.
This has enabled Wismen to expand its business areas, proud to provide services in the mineral industry, road construction and water and sewage industries.
Wismen Adak Company has been able to provide valuable services to the largest oil and gas complexes of the country, in view of its long-term efforts and efforts to achieve a reliable and capable supplier in domestic gas and oil projects.
Wismen intends to increase its share from the oil and gas competitive market in the near future, and by creating specialized offices in neighboring countries, it will internationalize its name.
The success of Wismen is based on its capabilities in identifying and applying the knowledge and expertise of domestic professionals in providing services such as consulting, purchasing, support and maintenance of oil equipment to achieve its ultimate goal of boosting the domestic industry.