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Company intentions

The vast scope of supplying the needs of the country’s heavy industry

Wismen Adak Corporation today is proud to meet the needs of heavy industries such as water and wastewater, road construction, mining and extraction of metal and nonmetallic minerals through its borders of the oil, gas and petrochemical industries.
Wismen has been playing an important role since the beginning of exploration and digging to separation and extraction alongside manufacturing teams.
In transmission, refinement, process and production operations period Wismen, in addition to providing technical equipment, with the support and maintenance of specialized machines, has been able to provide a good place among suppliers of this type of equipment.
Choosing the best global brands and improving product quality
Wismen improving into a trusted set is a long-term process that has been met with all the criteria.
One of these criteria is the equipment supply from the best European and American companies. Equipment which, despite the international standards, has again been subject to qualitative testing.
In addition to expanding business interactions with world-class brands in the field of equipment supply, Wismen has set its own research agenda in line with global advancements to provide the required equipment with the most advanced technologies.
The presence of Wismen, along with the largest domestic contractors, shows a great deal of trust in this collection. This trust will create a huge responsibility for Wismen to play an important role as an advisor and supplier in the difficult times of sanctions, in line with Iran’s vast goals.
Efforts to support the product and enhance customer satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction is the most important principle in Wismen. In the same vein, shipping operations and immediate delivery to the customer are among the priorities of the complex.
Using the right product at the right time will have the best return. In this regard, and various economic, political and … barriers, Wismen is trying to facilitate the delivery of goods from origin to destination, using all the facilities.

Depending on the company’s ideal commitment based on customer tendency, the company’s obligations with the sale of the product are not over, but the support and after-sales service are always on the agenda.